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Among Us: A Staple For Gamers Who Have To Stay In Quarantine

If you haven’t played Among Us yet, it must be hard to imagine how it will be like. So check out our brief introduction to its gameplay. Then you will decide if it is worth downloading or not.

Take The Role Of A Crewmate Or An Impostor

Everyone knows that it is much easier being a crewmate instead of being an impostor. But it also is true that being an impostor puts your skill to the test more and the gameplay becomes 10 times more nerve-racking.

  • Crewmate

Being a crewmate, you have to go around fixing broken stuff while paying attention to the people around you. It’s not a good idea to be a lone wolf because you can get killed easily. Besides, you have to protect other crewmates as well. That won’t be possible if you find easy-open spot where impostors have the hardest time killing.

  • Impostor

Being an impostor, you have to work well with your fellow villain. You can easily get caught because the crewmates will always outnumber you and the other impostors. Don’t kill too quickly and always have backup evidence to fake your innocence. This is what Among Us is about.

Watch Every Step You Take Because It Can End You

If you are a crewmate and you “accidentally” run around with the same friend and later he/she gets killed off, you are in big trouble. There are tons of scenarios in Among Us that can make a crewmate suspicious and turn the impostors into innocents. So make sure that you watch what you are doing, don’t always follow one around.

On the other hand, if you are an impostor, make sure that you do your fake tasks well. And when someone asks you what tasks you have done, don’t just say card swipe because it’s the easiest lie and can make people suspect. You shouldn’t say fix light either, because maybe, you haven’t even sabotaged it yet. The game can get confusing sometimes for impostors!

Fix Or Sabotage, Fix Or Sabotage

Fixing is an inevitable task that every crewmate has to do to get closer to victory. And for impostors, their mission is to sabotage the intention of the crewmates. Let’s see which side you will be on? And will you be able to complete the task and triumph or not?

Play With Real Friends Or Participate In Random Rooms

If you want to play with friends, simply create a private room then give the room code to your friends to enter. That way, no stranger can interfere with your gaming time and you can enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones.

On the other hand, the option of playing with friends isn’t always possible because gathering a large group of people for a game is not an easy task. In this case, you can join a public room and play with strangers whenever you want.

Use Emergency Button Wisely

Each player can call for an emergency meeting a few times to state their suspicions and point out evidence. Whenever you call a meeting, you can see people who have died, even though you don’t encounter their bodies. Whenever you feel like the round is too long or you have evidence to show, use the emergency button.

Don’t Rush The Game!

Many players rush the game because it is online and oftentimes they play with strangers, which don’t have any connection to them. But, we recommend that you don’t follow their footsteps. Each player is entitled to a good time and by rushing it you are actually ruining for you and others.

Enjoy the gameplay, find the evidence or kill crewmates, depending on your role. You will find the experience worthy of your time, more if you play at the right pace.

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FAQs About Among Us

Let us respond to the most common questions about Among Us now. Maybe you can find the answers to your doubts here.

How Much Does Among Us Cost?

Among Us is free on mobile devices but it cost a few bucks on Steam or Epic Games, which are for PC. You can download it for free here for Android.

Do People Still Play Among Us?

Of course, they do. Among Us still hosts thousands of matches every day and you can easily find a room to participate in, no matter what time of the day it is.

Is Buying Clothes And Accessories In Among Us A Good New Year Gift?

It can be if the receiver is a hardcore Among Us fan. We recommend it even more if you are looking for a gift for a young child.

Download Among Us Now And Enjoy With Your Friend Whenever You Want

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to download Among Us and enjoy it. You can take the role of an impostor or a crewmate, you can be the bad guy or the good guy, or even more nerve-racking, you can be the one that the crewmate suspects. Whatever role that you take, only your skill can save you from being eliminated.

So why don’t you try playing Among Us now and test your skill? Let’s see if you will come out alive.