Minecraft: Download The APK To This Many Times Award Winner Now

Minecraft is the bestselling game of all time and it would be such a shame if you don’t try it out. The game is a fun mixture between adventure and strategy and it will put every skill you have to the test. You will have to find out a way to survive in the hostile environment and avoid the attacks of mobs. There are tons of other fun features in Minecraft, so download the game now and explore them all!

Why Minecraft Is The Bestselling Game In The World

There are 6 gameplay activities that we believe are the reason why Minecraft is so famous and has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. Check out the 6 features with us!

Explore The Open World And Survive

In Minecraft, there isn’t a fixed map because this game is an open world or sandbox. Wherever you go, the system generates more landscape and natural resources for you to exploit. You can find fruits everywhere and stock them up to keep your energy bar at a safe level. You can also find rock or coal dunes and mountains where you can gain the materials.

With abundant natural resources, you can craft axes, hammers, beds, farms, etc. That’s how you level up in Minecraft!

Torches Are The First Must-Have Defense Mechanism

In Minecraft, a day passes from day to night the same as in real life, but at a faster pace. And when the sunlight grazes Minecraft, you are more protected from the mobs. When the night falls, you need to have access to a light source and this is the only way to protect yourself. Most mobs are afraid of sunlight or any type of light in general. So you have to be prepared.

Torches are the easiest to make and they can cover 14 blocks in light. All you need is a piece of coal or charcoal and a stick to make a torch. Put them around the house to avoid mobs from spawning or where you go out at night to escape from sudden attacks.

Build A Fortress Here And There To Keep Yourself Alive

A house is a necessity to survive in any environment, including Minecraft. In open ground, mobs like Skeleton, Creeper, or Zombie can always spawn when there is no light. But, if you build a house with one door only and you put light right at the entrance, there is no way that the basic mobs can enter your house and attack you. Make sure that one of the first things that you do is build a house.

Know How To Handle The Mobs

As you already know, each mob has a different weakness. But, most of the time, they are afraid of the light. So you know that the day is to your advantage.

However, hiding isn’t always the best idea. Sometimes you get yourself in situations where it is impossible to put a torch. This is when weapons come in handy. Prepare a wooden axe if you don’t have iron in hand. This should be enough for you to defend yourself in not too dangerous situations.

Take Advantage Of The Environment And Craft Some Tools

You can easily find iron, wood, fruits, animals, etc. around Minecraft since it is an open world. Take advantage of everything you can find to enrich your character’s life in this game.

But make sure that you build a furnace soon since this is the base tool that helps craft other items. Imagine the furnace as an oven, any other ingredient that you put in the oven will give you a finishing product. Get 8 blocks of black stones or cobblestones and you have a furnace.

Keep A Tab On The Health Bar

If your health bar is low, your character will run much slower until there is no energy left. You will need to cook dishes using the furnace if you want to restore a lot of energy. But if you don’t have meat or other ingredients in the inventory, snatch from fruits like berries to keep your character from starving to death.

FAQs About Minecraft

Here are 5 most asked questions about Minecraft and we have the briefest answers for them. Check out for more details!

Do I Have To Build Things Block By Block In Minecraft?

More or less yes. You have to build houses and rooms all by yourself by placing each block and planning the defense strategy. Each room should have light so that the mobs won’t spawn indoor, and you have to pick the most durable material to build your tower, brick or stone is the best option.

Is Minecraft Good For Children?

Minecraft is a wonderful game for children above 10, in our humble opinion. The game is not simple enough for young ones to enjoy but for those who have developed good logical thinking, this game can help them practice making strategies.

Does Minecraft Have A Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, this game has a multiplayer mode where players can join the same server with friends and explore the open world of Minecraft. If you are curious about the gameplay, you should install the game now and see what this sandbox has to offer.

Is It Safe To Download Minecraft Apk?

You won’t have to go through any problem with downloading Minecraft APK from our website. We aren’t interested in robbing data or any personal information from the visitors of our website, therefore, you can only find the safest files here.

How Do I Avoid Mobs In Minecraft?

To avoid mobs in Minecraft, you should place many torches or any light source that you can find around your house, avoid going out at night as much as possible. Whenever you go out in the sunlight, the chance for you to get attacked lowers significantly already.

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So don’t miss the chance to install it on your phone now!

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