How to become famous on TikTok

To become popular on TikTok, all you have to do is follow any of the following two methods:

Method 1) Getting recognized by developing a Niche:

  1. Try to focus on a certain kind of genre or videos to appeal as unique to the audience. One way of achieving this is by working with a special genre of music such as Rap, classical or pop. Using a specific genre of music will attract like minded audience which will motivate you to continue making content. People, who do short comedy skits or make lip sync videos, become very popular on TikTok. You can focus on a specific style of video which can be anywhere between 15 to 60 seconds. Having a focus does not mean you don’t experiment new things, but it is recommended to build a fan base.
  2. Try to focus on Lip-syncing videos if you’re awesome at it. These kinds of videos are foundation of TikTok and are made by mass majority. This type of videos can easily be done by memorizing 10 to 15 seconds of a song and trying to match the lyrics perfectly. To makes things easier, you can even mute your microphone and sing out loud. To be good at this, it is better to listen to the lyrics multiple times so that you can memorize a portion of it for the video.become famous on TikTok
  3. Try to introduce meme in your content to make comedy videos. Tik Tok has a large set of meme and comedy formats. You can follow comedic hashtags in order to search for popular memes. You can use this to start working on new jokes and engage with more audience. If you aren’t at all interested in lip-syncing and have a soft spot for comedy, this is an excellent way to become famous on TikTok.
  4. Try selecting popular songs to jump on growing trends. For this, you can click on the Discover tab in order to find popular trends. Try to watch ten to fifteen TikToks in the trending sectionevery day in the morning to stay up to date about the trends. If there is a popular song, try to introduce it in your videoso that your name pops up when someone searches that tag. You need to know that songs that play on radio may not necessarily be popular on TikTok. People react to things that they recognize, so it is a good idea to capitalize on popular trends to become famous on TikTok.
  5. Try to pick unique songs once you have a strong fan base. After getting a few hundred followers, you can try mixing things up. After every few days, you can ignore the trendymusic or the Discovery tab and search for other music and use something different. Using a distinct song will make you stand out when users are scrolling past feed. Using children’s music like nursery poems can be a good way to make some funny content. You can also use popular tracks and try to recreate it with your friends.

Method 2) Creating Content:

  1. Try to make at least one video every day to become famous on TikTok. More videos you make, the more likely you will increase you followers. Once you’re used to regularly making content, you will develop a fan base that regularly checks your videos. By increasing your average viewer count, you can be more visible to a larger number of audiences. Your videos don’t necessarily have to use big productions. Keeping things simple if you don’t have any crazy idea is also fine.become famous on TikTok 2
  2. Try to dress up and wear costumes if you can. Using a costume or a cool thumbnail can also make you famous on TikTok. Try to dress up according to the songs theme. AN example of this is dressing as Elsa while singing “let it go”.
  3. Try filming in unique location or sets to become famous on TikTok. It is a good idea to try performing in public places so that people’s reaction can also be captured. Try recordingin front of popular landmarks to make your videos more interesting. You can also try to make your room cooler by switching off the lights and using red or blue LED lights to give out a cool vibe.
  4. Try changing speed and using filters while recording to become popular on TikTok. To do this, click on the “+” at the bottom of the screen before recording. After that add your song and then click on the “speed” button to increase or decrease speed. To add filter, press “+” and click on filters to go through various filters. New filters are more popular when they come out. Try to experiment with new filters after they are released.
  5. Participate in popular challenges to become famous on TikTok. To make challenge videos, try going through a few sample videos and then try introducing your own touch to it. If you see a challenge becoming popular, do participate!become famous on TikTok 3
  6. Dancing is key to becoming famous on TikTok. Dance whenever possible and don’t worry if you’re bad at it. Incase you’re good at dancing, try to bring your own moves into the videos. If dancing isn’t your things, try to bring it different goofy moves to attract your audience. You can also study dance moves and practice them before making your video.
  7. Try to livestream for real time interaction with your flowers. Your TikTok app also has the option to steam live videos instead of uploading a pre-recorded clip. But this feature is only available if you have 1000+ followers. To go live, press on the “+” button and click on the “live” button to start streaming. To further make your stream easily searchable, you can add hashtags as well.