Tips on how to download music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an inspiring playground for new artists or those who are on the rise. The platform has been a perfect starting point where music lovers can enjoy original artworks, or, publish them. Many songs are very addictive and listeners find the need to download these amazing tunes. However, not everyone knows how to download music from SoundCloud and it can be very frustrating not being able to sing along the jam. Here are some tips on how you can download your favorite song from SoundCloud to your PC.


Downloading music directly from SoundCloud allows you to enjoy the song in its original quality. But it is up to the artists if they want the public to have free access to their art or not. Songs from famous artists usually aren’t downloadable since they prefer that people enjoy their works by streaming on the app or buying a copy. Nevertheless, SoundCloud displays many catchy songs from well-known artists that listeners can download.
If the artists give consent to free download, music lovers can easily find the Download file option. By clicking on the More section, it shows the list of actions that listeners can choose from. And if the artists don´t allow free download of the song, the Download file option won´t be present. This is a wonderful and legal way to save your favorite song on your phone. And SoundCloud directly holds responsibility for the quality of the downloaded tracks.

A song that can be downloaded directly from SoundCloud
A song that can be downloaded directly from SoundCloud

To download the available contents on SoundCloud, go to the main page of the song and check out the toolbar below it. If there is Free Download option, you can get yourself a copy for free without violating the copyright. However, the Free Download option is provided by a third-party web, which is approved by SoundCloud. But there is a big chance that it will ask for your information like email adress or phone number. Thus, it can be troublesome if you don´t read the conditions carefully.

A song that can be downloaded legally but from a third-party website
A song that can be downloaded legally but from a third-party website

On the other hand, if there is Buy option, it is clear that the artist wants to make a living from his passion and the content is not available to download. In this case, if you are addicted to the tune and want to support the artist, it is best that you purchase his song. It is worth it purchase a good song for its catchy rhythm and many hours of work behind it. Any attempt to achieve the track without the artist´s permission is considered illegal. SoundCloud strives to push artists with the support of music lovers all over the world.

A song that isn´t activated to download by its original creator
A song that isn´t activated to download by its original creator


Third-party webs are an easy choice which guarantees that music lovers can save any song on their phone or PC. All you have to do is put the link of the song in the downloader and the app will extract the song in seconds. Search for SoundCloud downloader on Google and you will find many sites that provide this service.

ScToMp3 is a website that not only allows you to download one track at a time but also gives you the choice of saving the entire playlist on your computer. This wonderful feature isn´t included by SounCloud since users can only save one song at a time. So, why not follow these steps to download songs from SoundCloud for free.

Download music from SoundCloud - SCtoMP3
Download music from SoundCloud – SCtoMP3
  • Step 1: Choose one download option depends on your need, you can download a single track or a playlist of various songs
  • Step 2: Put the link of the track or the playlist in the box
  • Step 3: Click on the DOWNLOAD button and enjoy your newly saved song or playlist.

Go to if you are crazy about an unavailable-to-download song or playlist now.

SoundCloud is a perfect platform to discover new artists and enjoy nice songs online for free. There are different ways to save your favorite songs in your computer or mobile. Look carefully to see if the track is downloadable or not and make sure that supporting the artist is on your priority. Or, check out ScToMp3. This website can download any content from this music platform and you will be able to enjoy your jams offline whenever you want.