Exercises You Can do to Keep Fit While Playing Video Games

Contrary to popular belief that playing video games increases laziness and decreases fitness skills, there are exercises that can be done when playing FPS and PvP games. You can comfortably improve your fitness level while simultaneously engaging in your favorite hobby.

According to research, FPS and PvP gamers have shown enhanced memory retention, energized brains and improved interactive skills. Prior to recent studies, these mental and social skills were the only benefits video games presented to its participants.

There are certain activities gamers consciously or unconsciously indulge in when playing games. These activities, which require movement, can be changed into simple exercising techniques that can burn fat and develop muscles when carried out consistently.

List of Exercises You Can do While Playing Your Favorite Video Games

The trick to exercising effectively is enjoying the technique. Some people enjoy exercising while listening to music, others enjoy it better while dancing. We have carefully selected a list of exercises to help you enjoy exercising while playing video games.

Wall Sits

This is a type of exercise that strengthens the quadriceps muscles. It is done by simply altering your sitting position. Sit on the wall in a way that enables your body to form right angles at the knees and hips. Do this by resting your back on a wall, with your thighs parallel to the floor, knees over your ankles, and standing with a little space between your feet.

Research shows that an individual can lose an estimate of fifteen to eighteen calories within 5 minutes of doing a wall sit. Other benefits include; increased strength, stability, endurance and balance.

Finger Flexion

First-person shooter games and Player versus Player (PvP) games are becoming the most trending video games in recent times. For a gamer to attain the highest level, the flexibility and speed of the fingers is important.

Most gamers improve their finger flexion by simply taking a CPS test on an online platform. The test determines your clicking speed by measuring how many clicks you can make within a set time. It is taken to increase a gamer’s click-per-speed ability and gaming precision.

Other gamers practice finger flexion while playing the game. They do this by consistently clicking on the gaming keypads or optimized mouse when shooting opponents in the course of playing. Constant practice will increase the flexibility in the joints and ligaments of the fingers, thus improving gaming performance.

Ab Squeezes

The advantages of squeezing abs go from being able to efficiently lift objects, engaging abdominal muscles, improved athletic form, to preparing for any type of contact sporting activities. Ab squeezes is an extremely easy exercise that can be carried out when playing any kind of game.

Its technique involves maintaining a good sitting posture (by simply sitting up straight), and then contracting the muscles in and around your stomach, while pulling the bottom of your rib cage to your hips. Hold this contraction for a while, after which you release. Do this repeatedly while still playing your game.

Fit young Pacific Islander woman training at home. Beautiful female athlete working out for wellbeing in domestic gym, training legs muscles with in and out squats.

Squatting is a very popular exercise that can comfortably be done while gaming. It is a form of exercise which improves strength and can burn calories. It is technique involves standing up straight, parting both legs for balance, lowering yourself till you reach your normal knee level, while pushing your buttock out backwards and then standing back up.


The advantages of exercising can not be overemphasized. Asides increasing your body’s natural resistance to diseases, exercising while playing video games can improve your ability to handle stress, sleep better and control the production of neurotransmitters as you have fun.