How to Date a Music Geek?

In the UK, there’s a radio entitled ‘Desert Island Discs,’ where guests choose eight records they would listen to if they were marooned on a desert island. This simple concept illustrates how important music is, with all of us having favorite bands or artists. But to some, music is so much more than picking a selection of tunes to listen to. It can become an obsession. How would you cope if you began dating someone who turned out to be one of these obsessives? How do you date music geeks?!

How to Date a Music Geek?

What constitutes a geek?

One good thing about identifying if someone falls into the category of being a geek is that it is usually obvious. Say you’ve met someone new, maybe in a club, or after being introduced online, and are getting to know them. Do they sing along to the radio, tending to know the lyrics to most of the songs they accompany? Do they hum along to the sound of the vacuum cleaner or other domestic appliances? How about their music collection? Do they have albums, cassettes, and CDs crammed into shelving? Or extensive libraries clogging their mobile devices? Are they constantly flipping over the TV channels searching for music? Are they musicians of any sort? If most of these scenarios seem familiar, it looks like you’ve become romantically attached to a geek!

Ideal geek meeting places

Geeks love socializing on any platform that appears to be a community of kindred spirits. Rather than hanging around in trendy bars, they’ll be liable to seek out more specialized venues with well-stocked jukeboxes or tasteful background music. Pubs, where live music is presented, will be particularly sought after. When you’re dating a geek in these circumstances, be prepared to conduct conversations loudly as you attempt to compete with the house band raising the rafters.

Digital hookups

Another hugely popular geek haunt would be niche matchmaking outlets on the Internet. Any music lover who is keen to meet people on the same wavelength will usually avoid generic services and choose the features offered by a tender dating site. These resources make it easy to track down compatible partners. If someone has geek tendencies, this will quickly become apparent in the information they provide when they are compiling their online dating profiles. When uploading their details, of them being rave about the bands they adore, algorithms built into the dating website can compare this information with other members. When site users appear to share common interests, this will be highlighted, allowing flirty conversations to commence.

Learn to make allowances

If you’re drawn to a music geek, the last thing you can expect to do is alter this fanatical outlook. Don’t think about springing a surprise date on them without checking whether or not this might clash with key events they will prioritize. So consult their calendar for gigs, record fairs, Netflix documentaries about their favorite acts, or new singles being launched on YouTube. If they have a certain artist that they become extremely focused on, playing their albums on repeat, accept that you won’t be able to persuade them to give it a rest anytime soon. Instead, either try digging the music or else pop headphones into your phone and find a movie to lose yourself in.

If you can’t beat them, join them

The joy of music is that it has universal appeal. You might not think you have the potential to become a music geek, but you could begin to get infatuated with particular songs. If you’ve never been into seeking out exciting new bands before, after going out with a geek for a while, you might start investigating things that have never occurred to you before. Things like learning how to start downloading music from Soundcloud. Or scanning newspapers to find out if major performers are going to be visiting your hometown on their next tour so you can buy tickets.

Looking to the future

Another excellent piece of advice about dating a music geek would be to see the longer-term picture. Consider events due to occur next year, such as major music festivals or world tours by certain artists. Suggest to your significant other that these might be worth adding to your diary. Your geek partner will be so impressed by this show of empathy.

Music can be the soundtrack to our lives, pinpointing special moments. There has long been a correlation between music and romance, with everyone having particular songs that remind them of loved ones. Can you imagine living in Afghanistan when the Taleban banned music? Or attending schools where music was removed from the curriculum? Nightmare scenario! The truth is, all of us are music geeks to a greater or lesser extent. So embrace your inner geek and get romantic!