The best guitar amps to buy in 2021

Buying the best guitar amp for your money is a tricky thing. It is mainly because of the advancement of technology but many experts and guitar enthusiasts still prefer the guitar amps from the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll. It means the tube amps are still relevant today which offers the top level of guitar tone.

But, this doesn’t mean that the latest equipment is not that impressive. The need here is to get something that brings you the best of the vintage and contemporary guitar tones through an amplifier. Let us help you find out how you could go about it.

Tube or Solid State Amp?

This is the frequently asked question and concern when it comes to buying a guitar amp for beginners. The tube amps are the older and versatile equipment. The induction of digital modeling technology has impacted the tube amp market of late.

The solid-state models with their set of advantages have made their market. But, it couldn’t be denied that there is still something highly inspiring and poignant about the vintage tube amps.

It is their feel, dynamic response, harmonic complexity, and articulation that make it so special. It gives tough competition to the different available high-end modelers for emulation.

What to consider in a guitar amp?

As a beginner, before jumping on to find out that How do Guitar Amps Work, you need to first determine the best amp for your use.

If you are looking for the Best guitar amps for home use or a concert or studio, the following are the things to look for:


Portability is the key when determining the size of the guitar amplifier. This should be the starting point where you determine what size is good enough to fit your needs. The size of the guitar amps ranges from small microamps to giant amps with multi-speaker cabinets. As a beginner, a practice amp of small size will be sufficient for you to play at home or in front of a small group of people.


When considering the output of your guitar amp, then the configuration of the speakers and the wattage of the amp are of the essence. Make sure that the loudness of the amp doesn’t double if you double the wattage. The majority of the prom amps today are between 30 to 100 Watts. A 30 dB amp is usually just 5 dB quieter as compared to a 100 Watts amp.

When it comes to configuration than the two major factors are wattage and the impedance of the amp. The most common configurations are to have a 1 x 12-inch speaker, 2 x 12-inch speakers, or 4 x 12-inch speakers. In most cases, the guitar map would be hooked with the PA system.




Sound is the actual output so this is what matters the most. You need to be considerate about the preamp or the gain controls. These are sometimes referred to as the amps with a master volume. It will allow you to handle desirable distortion even at low volumes.

The excessive distortion of the preamp may sound sizzling and too compressed at the higher volumes. You need to lower the gain and increase the master volume to the point where you find the amp all set at the desired level of output.


There is no denying for the guitarists the significance of the volume range at the live venues. The needs today are such that the guitarists look for having an amp that is not only versatile but smaller, lighter, and highly productive as well to meet their varying needs. The requirement is to first determine the best type of amp and then evaluate its size, power, and other applicable features.